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Information at your fingertips

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Welcome to HMA’s provider portal, the starting point for providers to gain access to information about claims as well as additional information. Although the provider resources are linked on this page, some of the links will require you to login to gain access.

Payer ID

Electronic exchange of health care information (EDI) enables communication between providers, payers and vendors, linking computer systems.

Our primary clearinghouse for this network is Availity.

As of January 18, 2015, in addition to the 837 Claim Encounters, providers will be able to submit 270 Benefit Inquires and 276 Claim Inquires to HMA via Availity using our payer ID of HMA01.

EDI Support

If you have questions about electronic exchange with HMA, please submit a request for support by email to: EDIRequest@accesstpa.com.

Electronic Exchange

As we steadily increase the capability of our infrastructure for electronic transactions with our providers, we have the ability to meet the current HIPAA standard transaction – ANSI version 5010. Your EDI administrator or clearinghouse can use EDI for the following transactions:

  • 270/271 – Eligibility inquiry and response
  • 276/277 – Claim status and response
  • 278 – Referral certification and authorization
  • 834 – Enrollment
  • 835 – Payment and remittance advice
  • 837 – Claims and encounters (P, D, and I)

We encourage all the providers in our network to migrate to ANSI version 5010. Given the complexity of 5010 compliance, if you are not already communicating with us via electronic exchange, we cannot transition you to EDI until you can demonstrate submission of a HIPAA-compliant file.